Stay fit with metabolic training
Stay fit with metabolic training

There is an article floating on the Internet about Dove’s “You are more beautiful than you think.”

An FBI sketch artist was asked to draw women based on their self descriptions and most people seem to have a problem believing they are beautiful. This a condition you may already be familiar with known as low self esteem. Of course our own psychology plays a role in how we think about ourselves, whether it’s regarding physical beauty, emotional balance or the challenges we face with our health.

PowerMy contention is that you are more powerful than you think.

We actually have the keys to unlock the mysteries of our bodies through self-awareness and acknowledging we have the power to heal. The life forces are so powerful, that we can survive an amazing onslaught of negative forces, bacteria, viruses, etc through our potent immune system. Chronic conditions take years to build up but can be reversed in as little at six to twenty-four months. The power is within you if you care to acknowledge it.

Tips for energizing your own power:

1. Mind State – Think about what you have to offer others and be a force of contribution to those around you each day. We should be able to lay your head on our pillow at night and count one, two or three incidences where we contributed to  family, to  workmates, to  community.

2. Exercise – Your personal Power grows through exercise.  10 – 30 minutes is a must. Walk outside, find a patch of green earth to ground yourself. Practice yoga.  Lift weights, do resistance training. Muscles grow with use.

3. Diet – You are what you eat. The most missing ingredient in the American diet is vegetables. Dark, leafy greens. This is your internal rain forest. Up your intake of vegetables.

4. Sleep – restful sleep allows your body’s processes to synch, to reset, to heal that which needs healing. If you are getting proper sleep, your personal power is increased manifold.

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