Write down your top 3 goals, wants, desires

Goal #1: _________________________________________________________________________________

Goal #2: _________________________________________________________________________________

Goal #3: _________________________________________________________________________________

Next think about why these desires for betterment or change are goals for you. 

MY Whys for Goal #1: _________________________________________________________________________________

My Whys for Goal #2: _________________________________________________________________________________

My Whys for Goal #3: _________________________________________________________________________________

Next write down at least one action you will take TODAY for engaging to make this change

Goal #1 Action Step _________________________________________________________________________________

Goal #2 Action Step _________________________________________________________________________________

Goal #3 Action Step _________________________________________________________________________________

Some motivation “experts” say that if you do repetitive work for 21 days it becomes a habit. It may be true in some arenas but in fact I’d like to say you may be able to establish a habit in one second by the strength of your commitment to the goal. Or you may need 100 days to establish change. 

In the USA and around the world, most people can eat less and become healthier. Can you eat less today?

In the USA and around the industrialized world, most people could use more exercise and could benefit from going to the gym 5 times a week. 

In the USA and most of humankind could use more peace and satisfaction in life instead of anti-anxiety medication and this could come from meditation or learning just to breathe. 

I’ll stop here and let you chew on this with the hope that if you need this it can be of help to you. I am in a 100 day program using this methodology to make some needed changes in my life. 



PS if you need to lose weight, yes eating less (or eating better) and getting sufficient exercise are a must. But each has a completely different purpose. The actual loss of weight has much more to do with how much you eat. Exercise will not help you to lose very much weight because of homeostasis. Your in-built metabolism is hard coded. Exercise is needed to build muscle, strengthen bones and increase the viability of your heart. So eating less is primary and exercise is a support service to your body. (Read the Anthropologist’s article in this month’s AARP magazine) 


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