How Deadly Diseases Propagate

How Sickness Takes Hold

I borrowed this from an email from Perry Marshall… but it’s well worth stealing this, I am sure he won’t mind a bit:

Did your mother ever say this to you?

“Bundle up today, *|FNAME|*, it’s cold outside and if you’re not careful you’ll come down with something.”  

You go outside and sure enough, the next day you feel that dreaded sensation. “Ooof, I am definitely coming down with something.”  

That’s what we talked about during lunch at one of my 4-Man Intensives. I said, “So do you guys know what’s actually going on when you’re ‘coming down with something’?” 

“You come down with strep throat or something and you think you caught it while you were outside. Actually what happened was, those bacteria were quietly multiplying for weeks. They were having conversations with each other – ‘Hey guys, is there enough of us yet?’  

‘Not quite . . . not quite . . . hey, he just went outside and he’s freezing cold and he’s spending all his energy staying warm. ATTACK NOW!’ 

And they all go to work, little soldiers marching into battle. They work together. Scientists call it “quorum sensing.” Bacteria talk to each other. Different species even speak different dialects.

OK, so now you take antibiotics to kill the germs. Everybody knows you gotta be careful with antibiotics cuz germs develop resistance and then you can’t kill ’em anymore.

I say to everyone, “Has anyone ever explained to you how the germs develop resistance?”  

Nobody’s heard this either.  

“There’s a germ floating around in your body. It says, ‘This poison is leaking into my cell wall and it’s killing me. I’ve gotta find a pump to pump this out or I’m gonna die.’  

That germ goes around your system hunting for another cell that has a pump. Cells have a file folder called a plasmid. It has a public copy of their DNA.

Your germ finds a cell that has a pump, it grabs its DNA from the file folder and reads it. 

It finds the part of the DNA that codes for a pump and inserts that DNA into its own DNA. It builds a pump and starts birthing new germs that have pumps. That’s how smart those little guys are and it’s why germs keep getting smarter. Bulletproof bacteria.”

The rest of the email concerns marketing which no one wants to hear. But the images of what’s happening in our body is crystal clear. Those little bugs attach when your immune system is trying hard to fight for warmth and them bam! You’re sick.

Boosting the immune system is rather easily done if you know how. Since 80% of your immune system resides in the gut, let’s start there. Probiotics are really important! You won’t be surprised that Antibiotics destroy good probiotic colonies as well as the bacteria they are trying to crush. If you have had the need to run through a course of Antibiotics then you need to make sure you double up on good cultures, eating good probiotic foods like yoghurt and kefir. Please don’t buy the flavored kind, the sugar is just way too much. Buy the natural kind with no sugar and sweeten it yourself with honey, or stevia, or natural fruit.

Additionally you may want to try a month’s worth of Healthy Origins Probiotic with 30 Billion CFUs (colony forming units) in every capsule. Just take one with lunch and one with dinner for a month and that will get you back to your pre-antibiotic state. Also I must tell you if you are not on Epicor then you are missing out! I am willing to sign you up to a monthly supply for $18 a bottle shipping included, if you click here. One capsule a day and you may never get a flu or cold again, especially if you keep your gut flora in good nick. What is epicor? It’s a super-glorified enhanced version of brewers yeast. That tiny capsule will have your body operating like a fortress of health. Invading pathogens won’t stand a chance. It’s like having your own personal Seal Team guarding your castle turning back germs and dirty critters. At least, you’ll have a fighting chance against the evil pathogenic home invaders.

EpiCor is like having your own Seal Team guarding the castle of your own body. I take one every day. At sixty cents a day, it’s the best deal around, in town or out of town, stick with the best immunogen. Don’t get in a fight with gems and pathogens without Seal Team Epicor on your side.​

I was having an email conversation early this morning with a client who had questions about plant sterols, like the kind in our Healthy Cholesterol product. The great thing about plant sterols is that they are completely safe to take with no harmful side effects like statins have. Plant sterols work to combine excess cholesterol with the plant sterols and then flush them out of the body an eliminate the need for excess medications to deal with excess cholesterol. Read more about Healthy Cholesterol.
In response to requests for more family pics, I am only happy to oblige. Bill said, “I like it when you send pics with your emails. It helps me to know I am doing business with real people not some faceless company.” Thanks for the suggestion Bill. Proud Papi that I am. 1. Sonnet is a singer. She was on a national TV program for a few weeks and then didn’t make the cut to the finals. But she did make the cut in Iraq entertaining our troops. She’s a go-getter and loves to sing. 2. Jake and Angel with granddaughter Savannah.

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