Welcome to Optimal Health Bridge, the new home for OptimalHealthBridge. Here you will still find all the same outstanding products you have been using to achieve better health.


Why Optimal Health Bridge?

  • A bridge symbolizes our crossing from health deficiencies to optimal health.


  • A bridge can transport us from thoughtless action to purposeful living; from bad habits to good ones.
  • A bridge brings us closer together, closer to our goals, closer to those we care about and closer to what is important to us.

My Bridge Story

When I was a boy visiting my great grandparents “up the holler” in West Virginia, every once in awhile we would want to take a hike down the holler, down the dirt road, winding around the small Baptist Church and then a short hike through the woods, on down to the swinging bridge that crossed the “crik” to a 5 cent popsicle at Ray Bunnell’s general store.

As kids we had our greatest thrills rocking that swinging bridge as our cousins crossed. Any kind of childish pranks we could pull on friends or cousins was always fun, loads of fun! Of course, my brothers and I were victims of the same things from our cousins! But the point is the bridge shaved at least 15 minutes off our mile and a half walk from Otterslide to Ray’s General Store in Berea. (see collage below)

  • It is easier and safer to cross a bridge than forge a raging river.
  • It is easier and economical to use the bridge to save time on a long journey.

So, I invite you to join us are we cross the bridge in our health journey. Come have fun with us.

Our bridge offers better health at less cost. That is our guarantee.

Let us know how we can support you. We want to be your bridge to better health.

Remember: We are your bridge to health and wellness.

Warm regards,



1.5 miles from Otterslide to Berea, WV

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