You’re Hired!

That’s all a job seeker wants to hear. Such sweet music to the ears! Time to celebrate!

With millions of people looking for jobs and a career and millions more who may have given up, it’s most important that you remember a couple of things:

1)     You are in charge. You are the Chief of Staff of your own life. You can make your life what you want it to be. So take charge.

2)      You are powerful. You can do anything you want to do if you will set your mind to it and reach out to mentors who can coach you.

And of course don’t give up! Close your eyes, take a mind cleansing breath. Breathe in fresh air and inspiration and exhale the fumes of difficulties and negativity.

Anchor the mantras that will support your courageous actions. “I am the best.” “I am invaluable.” Find a phrase that resonates with you. Rub your hands together gleefully and tell yourself how good you really are. Adding emotion to the exercise will help the belief to sink deeper. You’ll be amazed how much better things flow along once you start such a practice!

It’s like turning on a light switch and tips the scales to your favor.  Keeping your mind state healthy is the key to all health.

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