By bankrupt, I am not referring to your financial state, but rather to your body. The laws of physiology work much the same way as the laws of finances. If you spend more than you take in, guess what happens? You go broke. You have to start borrowing from the bank or relatives and ultimately you may need to resort to filing for bankruptcy. The same is true for your body if you are burning the candle at both ends, chronically stressed from high risk decisions you are making and expending more energy than your resources allow, by eating junk foods, high in calories but low in nutrients, staying up late in front of the TV instead of resting and relaxing before bed, unable to let go of the fears you have in order to actually get some good restorative sleep, then you can go bankrupt. It takes years. The body can make compromises for years, even decades before the fiddler comes to collect payment.

But the opposite is also true. I know because I have been there and done that. I have done a lot of wrong living for decades until, my body decided to smack me with a lot of pain. Pain is the great motivator. We’ll do what we need to do to alleviate pain. There are a lot of unseen and unrealized errors we make that only a blood test will reveal about the state of your body. You start hearing lectures about cholesterol and you get prescriptions for statins and blood pressure medications. Of course these treatments can buy you some time but they are at best dealing with the downstream symptoms and not addressing the true root causes.

There is a gap and a difference between easy and simple. The natural solutions to our health challenges are generally simple but not always easy. It involves changing diet, or lifestyle choices which can be ingrained, lifelong habits. It takes enough pain to initiate the change then it takes a good mental attitude and psychology in order to see the habit truly change.

The body will reward you with a quick turn around. You start taking care of yourself and decades of damage can be undone in months or even weeks. This can be done rather quickly with right thinking, right food choices, right sleep habits and the ability to manage stress. 

Just something to think about when you have time and the inkling. – Garey, Lifestyle and Nutrition Health Coach.

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